Reasons to Call Naples Your Home

admin / September 25, 2014

So what’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Florida? This beautiful state has its fair share of madness- Rick Scott’s staunch opposition to Obamacare that has left 754,000 low-income adults in this state without health insurance, the famous Miami cannibal attack of 2012.

But even with all that, there are so many reasons to love this Sunshine State. From its amazing food to awesome culture, to its gorgeous scenery, there are lot of things about Florida that make it just plain awesome.

I’m a Naples native, and many people interested in this city often ask me-Is Naples, Florida really a nice place to settle?

When you’re searching for a second home, a preferred vacation destination, or a place where you can settle peacefully after retirement, you might be tempted to compare the Naples real estate with that of Sarasota, which is just hour and a half from east coast of Florida, or the North of Naples.

You might also wonder why properties of Estero, Bonita Springs, or Fort Myers look so cheap when you’re searching online. Many get confused on whether they should buy a home in Naples or search in other areas where better deals can be found.

Many people interested in this area like to see homes not only in Estero and Bonita, but also in Naples real estate. In fact, once they visit the area and check out few properties, the differences become crystal clear.

So, do you know the benefits of living in Naples, Florida? What’s it that sets Naples apart from other cities of Florida? Let’s have a close look at few reasons on why it’s the best city to live in the world:

10. Awesome beaches- Naples boasts of more than seven miles of beachfront, and has some of the cleanest ands and gulf water that you’d ever experience. These beaches are some of the best in the world and often rank high on the top 10 lists of the best beaches around the world.

9. Better safety and low crime- Naples is a safer city than rest of Florida and the US. In fact, many from around the US move onto Naples, when they come to know about its very low crime rate. The place has much lower crime rate (57 percent) than Florida and National average. Naples is 25 percent safer than other US cities. In fact, this place is so safe that many of its residents leave their font doors unlocked when they go on a walk to the beach!

8. Unique Architecture and Greenery-In Naples, you get unrestricted views of the Gulf of Mexico and beach. There are no tall overbearing buildings in Old Naples, so you can enjoy ample sunshine. The local government has imposed strict restrictions on billboards, signs, and building heights in the area. For instance, instead of tall 40 foot signs visible in other US cities, here you’ll see small signs down on the ground. There aren’t many such places in the US or around the globe. Naples also keeps you focused on its Neapolitan architecture, and topical greenery all around.

7. Best Ever Dining Experience-Naples boasts of some of the best restaurants in the US. The hot favorites are Chops City, Trulux, Club Sushi, Blue Provence, the Turtle Club, and Baleen, just to name a few.

6. Pristine-Pristine is the best word to explain Naples to any outsider. It’s clean, and has litter less street, small signs, low crime rate, clean beaches, beautiful landscaping and conscious efforts by its residents to maintain it that way. Neapolitans really love their piece of paradise and work hard to maintain its beauty.

5. Boating and Fishing-There are so many exciting things you can do in Naples. Boating and fishing is one of them. In fact, they’re not hobbies but ways of life for local residents. This place boasts of some of the best waterfront in the world. You can even fish late in the night at its lighted docks!

And there’s lot of golf in Naples. There are more than 70 golf courses for you to choose from. Many like to live in golf communities regardless of their desire or level of play. There are many high-end luxury homes in numerous golf communities like Collier’s Reserve, Grey Oaks, and Quail West. It’s thrilling to be able to drive your golf cart right form your garage to the first tee without even getting in your car!

4. Magnificent Sunsets-The sunsets in Naples are really very special. When sun hits the horizon, you can put down your cocktail and join the clapping, for you’ve just witnessed one of the most sacred movements on the Gulf-Sunset.

Sunsets in Naples are very special to say the least. Around the time of the setting sun, if you venture down any of the Old Naples avenues that end at the Gulf, you are bound to be shoulder to shoulder with several others looking West. If you’re lucky, and you don’t blink on any lucky day, you can even see the elusive green flash the moment sun vanishes right below the horizon.

3. Weather-The average air temperature in Naples is around 77 degrees Fahrenheit. July, August and September are the hottest summer months. You’ll find the best weather in this area in November to May when there’s less rain and humidity. Mostly, gulf water temperatures in Naples range from the 50’s in the winter months to the mid 80’s from spring through fall.

2. Downtown Old Naples-Well, Old Naples is the heart of the city. You’ll be amazed to find that unlike its name, there’s nothing in this place that looks old. The place is actually the cultural essence of the city. It’s here that Naples originated form tiny fishing village. There are many historic beach cottages, homes, and buildings that remind of the early history of the place dating back to the 1900’s.

1. The People-They are the biggest asset of Naples. People come from all parts of the US and the world. Naples has become a melting pot of cultures and everybody is really happy living in this little paradise.

Once you’ve experienced this place yourself, I’m sure you’ll agree that Naples is one of the best places in the US to reside and enjoy life. You can easily buy your own piece of paradise and become a fellow Neapolitan!

On the other hand, real estate in Fort Myers is slightly cheaper and very close to Naples in proximity.